Julia and Rupert traveled from the UK to Sedona to get hitched. Why? Obviously Sedona is a pretty fantastic destination wedding location but, as Rupert and Julia told me, “why have a dreary, big churchy wedding like everyone else in England?” Or something like that. At any rate, from the moment the two rolled up to the Tlaquepaque Chapel in their Limo with their Mums, they soaked up all the Sedona energy they could get. After a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony officiated by Reverend Andrew Murphy, we strolled around Tlaquepaque before heading up Shnebly Hill Road to enjoy a somewhat stormy and dramatic evening. Pretty nice! Fantastic wedding planning by Laura at Heart of Sedona. Enjoy!

Sedona sunset wedding photography
Tlaquepaque Sedona wedding limo arrival
Tlaquepaque Sedona wedding bouquet