Chrissy and Alex tied the knot at the Chateau de Vie in Chandler, Arizona on an unseasonably warm and pleasant October evening. The Chateau is  a beautiful wedding venue and the whole wedding party stayed the night throughout the mansion's seemingly endless bedrooms. There's plenty of space! Chrissy and Alex's friends and family celebrated the couple in style and the dance floor was never empty. When folks needed a breather they made their way to one of the best homemade photo booths I've ever seen. Pretty fantastic party! We found a bit of time to make some portraits in and around the mansion as well. Congratulations Chrissy and Alex. Enjoy!

Wedding portrait at Chateau de Vie
Chateau de Vie wedding details, bridesmaid dresses
Wedding prep at the Chateau de Vie
Chateau de Vie details
Groomsmen portrait
Groom at the Chateau de Vie, Chateau de Vie wedding
Bridesmaids dresses
Getting into the wedding dress
First look at the Chateau de Vie, Chandler, aRizona
Wedding dress, Arizona wedding photographer
Bridal portrait, Arizona wedding photographer
Wedding party at the Chateau de View
Chateau de Vie wedding ceremony
Arizona wedding photographer
Chateau de Vie Wedding
Bride and groom at Chateau de View, Arizona wedding photographer
Reception details
Wedding reception details at Chateau de Vie
Chateau de View wedding reception venue
First dance at Chateau de View wedding
First dance, Chateau de Vie wedding
Wedding reception at Chateau de Vie
Photo booth action, Arizona wedding photographer
On the dance floor
Reception under the stars at Chateau de Vie
Dance party
Phoenix wedding photographer
Wedding cake
Cake cutting at Chateau de Vie
Wedding rings
Dance floor madness
Chandler wedding photographer
Wedding reception, Arizona wedding photographer
Dance perty
Wedding dance party
Phoenix wedding photographer
Chateau de Vie wedding, night reception