Christin and Jeremiah got hitched at Shoshone Point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s an epic spot and Christin wanted some epic photos of her wedding day. So that’s what we did! Jeremiah is a “bomb guy” in the U.S. Army. That is in no way a technical term for what he does, and isn’t meant to belittle the job in any way, but it does suggest he might have nerves of steel. And he was very calm and collected while getting ready to tie the knot. However, standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon isn’t super comfortable for everyone. Many people have a healthy fear of heights. Count Jeremiah as one of those people. But you would never know. He made it look effortless. Christin and Jeremiah’s wedding was beautiful and they were surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family. All in all, a fantastic day. Enjoy!

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