Mackenzie and Justin's DA Ranch wedding south of Sedona was beautiful - and totally reflected who they are. I mean there was fishing happening all day! DA Ranch is a rad place to get married. It’s tucked in the rolling hills just below Page Springs. And it has it’s own pond stocked with fish - a feature Justin and his groomsmen capitalized on immediately. They caught fish early that morning and headed back to the pond mid-way through the reception before the toasts. That’s commitment! Mackenzie and Justin didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony so they held hands and had a moment together around a corner. It’s a nice way to connect before the ceremony and go the traditional route at the same time. The sky threatened rain for much of the morning but in the end everybody stayed dry. And the sun came out for some of the reception. Nice. After dinner and toasts, everyone danced the night away under the stars on the back deck. Enjoy!